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Submit your application for approval

Thanks for submitting! We will respond to your application with a status update via email within 24 hours.

Start Serving customers WITH A PREMIER PARTNERSHIP

The onboarding process for driver approval is simple:

  1. Fill out your online application and wait for approval. We usually respond to applications within 24 hours.

  2. Once approved, we'll send you a welcome packet with instructions to get registered in your delivery area, your unique driver app log-in credentials, and a list of partners in your designated area. Don't worry about being held up, you can start driving as soon as you're approved! You'll simply have to use our delivery report feature to track your deliveries until properly registered.

  3. Once your registration is complete, you'll have full access to our partners list, your fee reports, and complete control over your optimized driving dashboard. You're now ready to drive with Faster Drivers

Here is the link for Business Registration based on city: 


San Marcos: