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Mauro Netzahuatl

About Us

Hello Everyone! My name is Mauro and this is how my company got started!

Working as a "dasher" (delivery driver) from 2016 to 2018, I was let go after the program had concluded that I had committed fraud over a $5 Wendy's order the previous driver failed to deliver!  After explaining myself, they informed me that I was being suspended by the  algorithm! Thus, I started delivering on my own, suing paper, pencil and my smart phone in 2019.
Then COVID-19 hit.
I actually started to grow, which gave me the funds to build my first MVP. Lessons were learned and proposals confirmed. Then, in 2022, I was able to raise $160K to build a second MVP, consisting of a browser based app, iOS and Android versions, ready to be tested by the middle of 2023.
After completing final testing, I am ready to build the final version of my app and deploy it in San Diego in early 2024!

Join me so that together we can build a system that lowers costs for businesses and customer while increasing driver's payouts!

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