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The App

Current Delivery Apps Are
Inconsistent, Unaffordable,
& Unaccountable!

They incur cost upon users that are detrimental to their financial health.

  • Charging businesses 30% commission fees, cutting into their earnings.

  • Overwhelming customers with multiple delivery costs, leaving little for gratuity.

  • Underpaying delivery drivers while not offering a better way to earn a fair wage for their work.


The Solution:

Affordable, order-management software at a fraction of the cost!

Annual Business Membership Fee.

Business partners can onboard and set up their menu on our platform while we provide support and maintenance when they sign up and pay a $365 Annual Fee to become a member.

Monthly Driver Membership Fee.

Delivery drivers can join and become members to access our system and earn $60-$90 an hour while we manage their accounts and provide support for only a monthly $100 fee.

Free Customer Membership Fee.

Customers download the app and set up their account for free! Our system charges a flat $5 fee to delivery within a 5 mile radius*. We create cumulative residual value for our users.

How the App Works


Customers order delivery with the app.

  • Select from local businesses.

  • Pay for it.

  • Track its progress.

  • Track driver progress.

  • Accept order.

This is the customers ordering page.
This is the business backend page.


Businesses receive & assign orders.

  • Orders are reviewed.

  • Business processes order.

  • Driver is assigned.

  • Payments are processed.

  • Payouts sent weekly..


Drivers deliver & earn a fair living wage!

  • Work locally.

  • Receive orders.

  • Deliver.

  • Weekly payouts.

  • Earn $60-$90 an hour.

This is the delivery drivers naviagation page.
About Us

Our Story

Led by the belief people

deserve a better quality of life.

As a former delivery driver for DoorDash, UberEats and Instacart, Mauro Netzahuatl saw first hand the innovation and drawbacks of those companies. 

After being let go by an algorithm, Mauro started to deliver on his own, gathering info that would help shape the fees that would differentiate it from its competitors and lower delivery fees for businesses and customers while increasing driver's earning potential!



Having drivers deliver my products to my customers for only $1 a day will help my business grow!

Erik Castillo

I like the fact that the delivery fee is always the same, and my purchase helps a driver earn an honest wage.

Nestor Agagas

IAs a driver, I know that I will be compensated for the hard work that I do to earn an honest living.

Maggie Stalk

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